Thursday, April 28, 2005

Fool of April

It’s been an eventful April… firstly I discovered an old and good friend is pissed with me due to some events leading up to the last Christmas break… now she wont even talk to me… I tell you when it comes to grudges women sets the standards…

Then there was my biggest blunder in recent history when I missed my exam registration for this June… an appeal has been sent and I’m still sweating on the verdict ‘cause the only answer I get from my daily calls to Glasgow is, “Cik harap bersabar, permohonan cik sedang diproses bersama-sama banyak lagi rayuan-rayuan lain macam cik ni…” in the thickest Scottish accent each time without fail… the irksome thing is that the accent makes the reply so dismissive and nonchalant that you can’t help but feel being slapped for making a fool out of yourself… no wonder the ACCA set up shop in Glasgow…there’s no way around those customer service ladies…

Now that mistake has a ripple effect that sends tremors down my working life for the next six months… in a bit of a bind to put it mildly… Initial plan was, in chronological order: Sit for exams in June,
Fill STR for 3 years up to June,
Get ACCA renewal letter for visa so that can renew at least until August when results come out,
Pass exams,
Roughshod until October when I actually qualify and apply for work permit,
And in the meantime after passing the exams in August look for a non-audit job…

Now this plan is on ice... it’s not dead yet but almost comatose… I hope ACCA put me out of my misery soon enough although if things go pear-shaped it’s like jumping out of the boiling pot straight into the frying pan... I’ve yet to tell the bosses at work and significantly still I’ve yet to make it known to THE big BOSS at home!! Man, talk about being caught with your pants down…

With the matter dragging on for the past two weeks its been affecting my focus at work… 3 open files, 1 not yet reviewed with sections outstanding, 1 half reviewed with major work to be done and 1 not-so bad….floating files like that are like a small pelampung out at sea caught in a storm… Hafta sort them out this week!!!

On a lighter and happier note the blues are inches away from the much coveted title… all we need is another 2 points or the Arse to drop 2 points… I’d say sod the Bolton game this weekend, rest the whole starting 11 for the 2nd leg against Liverpool, and win it at home the following weekend t home to Charlton… what’s the use of a big squad if not for things like that?? I mean there are plenty of able fringe players to do a decent job away at Bolton… Injuries in mind my staring line-up would be:


Johnson, Huth, N. Morais, S. Tillen

Geremi, Smertin, Jarosik/Tiago, Cole

Kezman, Forsell

with Robben coming in at some stage to regain his match fitness…

The 1st team deserves a rest… you could see from last night’s game the fatigue setting in… Lamps was not at his best with misplaced passes overshot freekicks and corners and poor finishing. Makalele too wasn’t at his best with his normally efficient distribution. Fatigue has also finally caught up with Duffer after playing about 50 games, more than any in his last 4 seasons in the Premiership.

Rafa set up shop very well… the defence played deep, Biscan and Alonso holding well in midfield denying Lamps and Eidur space to distribute, Riise kept Johnson busy, and Baros kept the centrehalves busy…

With the midfield stifled and the side missing any width without Duff and Robben we were left hoofing the ball up to the clumsy Drogba who, albeit a few good flick, is pretty poor on the ball and cant hit a cow’s backside with a banjo…We were lucky Stevie wasn’t his usual opulent self or else thing could’ve been worse…

As for the next leg we are fortunate Liverpool will be without Alonso. Their wings will be without proper service. But then again Stevie will take the opportunity to shine after all that’s been said about him not being missed on Merseyside if he goes in the summer.

I do hope both Duff and Robben will be fit for Tuesday, even for half a match. We look totally harmless last night. Their fullbacks are there for the taking to feed the runners into the box. But definitely the 1st team needs a rest this Saturday and that’s clear for all to see. Somehow I don’t see Jose sharing that view…

My interest has been rekindled in F1 with Alonso and Renault doing so well in the first four races of the season. Schumy is back in contention and I see it turning into a good battle. Toyota has started to challenge for placings and so too are Mclaren and the rest of the pack. Going to make it a point to watch the coming races…

As for now, beware Scousers, here we come again!!!


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