Sunday, March 20, 2005

BWBW's Musicology

Sunday morning chillin’ after the race and Binx hits me with this chain thing.. supposedly punishment I guess for not updating my blog for two weeks.

But what to do? Life as an auditor doesn’t afford me the luxury of time sometimes, more so since it’s the busy season plus the exams creeping up in three months.

As for having an exceptional taste in music, well Binx was just trying to get on my good side since I’m coming home for cuti this July…don’t worry Binx, you’re definitely getting a frap, or two…Well, here goes…

1. What is the total amount of music files on your computer?

1.2Gbs worth of mp3s..about 300 songs I guess...That’s small fry compared to some of the people I know. Most of my music are on CDs so the only MP3s I keep are the CDs I haven’t got. All my music are on my iPod so there’s no need to duplicate…until it crashes though (fingers crossed) and then I’ll kick myself!!

Full discology managed to obtain for Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins, Soundgarden, Metallica, Counting Crows, Guns n Roses; almost there for RHCP, STP, Greenday, Hootie… rest are only the better (in my own opinion) songs for each performer.

2. The CD you last bought?

It’s been awhile… all sharewares lately… hmm, lemme see… must be the 132 CDs I bought all in one go when I was auditing Warner... heheh… just couldn’t stop ticking when I got my hands on the catalouge, it was a great opportunity to catch up on some old albums… distributor price maa… but hey, no biased favourable opinions issued!!

3. What was the last song you listened to before reading this message?

Nelly feat Tim McGraw – Over and overJust the mood of the weekend…

4. Write down five songs that you often listen to or that means a lot to you.

Aiyoo… very the toughie this one…

U2's With or Without You
One of them songs that I fell in love with the first time I heard it, one of U2’s best two songs..

U2's One
The other U2 great song, first ever U2 song that attracted me to the band.

Foo Fighter's Everlong
Favourite jamming song while in PPP… those were the days.

Pearl Jam’s Yellow Ledbetter
Eddie never sings the same lyrics each time he performs the song live… best riffs ever…

Pearl Jam’s Black
The hollowness that I feel sometimes translates through the words and the song.

Pearl Jam’s In Hiding
It's been about three days now
Since I've been aground
No longer overwhelmed and it seems so simple now
It's funny when things change so much
It's all state of mind
"nuff said...

Counting Crow’s Catapult
Different place, different time..
All of the sudden she disappearsjust yesterday she was here
Somebody tell me if I am sleeping
Someone should be with me here (cause I don't wanna be alone)

Smashing Pumpkin’s Mayonaise
Truly overwhelming song… same as U2’s One, first whiff of this and I was hooked for good… first big concert I ever went to..
And I fail
But when I can, I will
Try to understand
That when I can, I will

Was is supposed to be just 5? Oh well…

5. Who are you going to pass this stick to (3 persons) and why?

None, really… anyone who wants to pick it up is most welcomed!As for the alleged curse attached… it can kiss my a**…


Blogger binx said...

waaa.. not bad mate..
that was fast..

frap date eh?
u r on buddy...
will be waiting for ur call...

11:45 a.m.  
Blogger NajMie said...

cos it's all in ma head, i think about it over n over again...very de making my eyes go boink boink this song.

10:44 p.m.  

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