Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Just one of 'em weeks

This week has been by far the laziest I’ve experienced in a while... it’s just one of them weeks where the mood is wrong, motivation gone AWOL, with concentration and curiosity down the drain. I guess events a fortnight ago still linger strong leaving me in an emotional humdrum that not even the heroics of the Blues against Barca last night could provide me with enough novocaine to drag my ass out into the world today. My inner self is in a clam and it won’t come out to play…

Last night capped an excellent period for Jose after all the shenanigans of being a sore loser. As a long suffering supporter everything now is almost unbelievable. Last night I sincerely thought our bubble of becoming a serious contender in Europe so early in Jose’s reign had burst but what a show! He once said, “In Portugal 1st there is God, and then there is Jose Mourinho”, and by the final score line you can’t find too many faults with that.

What an emotional rollercoaster of a game. 3-nil up within 20 minutes, pegged back almost immediately by that wonderful creature they call the rabbit, I can imagine every fan on the edge of their seats, hands fidgeting on anything they could find, teeth to nail, and eyes trying not to blink…’cause that’s all it takes… I blinked and that outrageous half-flick, half-toe poke went in...3-2...and we were chasing the game all over again. How befitting that JT had the final say after being magnificent during the night, and the whole season. A towering header that had been so lethal in CL games so far was served to kill off the Catalans, whom many to their disdain have dismissed us as nothing but mere peasants to their great footballing tradition.

The outpour of emotion at the final whistle displayed the solidarity, spirit and hunger that have not been seen in a while, if not at all by any of the younger fans including yours truly. Win the league and my season is complete. Any further progress in the CL is a bonus. Jose totally got everything right from the formation to the line-up. With Joe playing so well out right I dutifully eat my own words, we don’t need a right winger. From now Jose is no longer Jose Mourinho, but the Special One.

I need a PDA! And I can’t get one quick enough! Argh…missed an important meeting this morning that could’ve gotten me into Corporate Services. And all because I failed to get the meeting reminder function on my Lotus Notes set up correctly….darn, darn, darn!
Luckily CF’s a tender person and accepted my profuse apology and agreed to reschedule. And lucky also that he’s in Corporate Recovery which I don’t really mind not going into because it’s Corporate Finance that I want. Still a taint is still a taint on one’s name. And in a place like that taints spreads wide. Oh well there could be a hikmah behind it that shall show itself soon…I hope…

Malam Anak Watan…sounds grand. Time to get out the baju batik again. It’s made of lovely hand printed batik that Mak got for me from the east coast before I came here. Navy blue base with electric blue designs, you can do no wrong. I’ve worn it only twice before and the last time was ages ago at the company Christmas dinner. What a rollicking I got that night from drunken auditors and taxmen whose idea of the East is purely white beaches, wooden huts and exotic colours, hence the Malaysian in a batik shirt a classic example of the last characteristic. Luckily they were all to drunk to remember any of my reciprocation of their culture *winks*. It’s been awhile since I’ve last attended a social event so very looking forward to tonight.

Sunday’s podium read:

1. Giancarlo Fisichella
2. Rubens Barrichello
3. Fernando Alonso

Interesting...a Ferrari second (without Schumy!!!) flanked by two Renaults. The season looks promising just from that. But don’t rejoice too early, nor be fooled as the only reason Schumy’s not in the scoring is because Hedfield bumped him on lap 42 whilst in 8th. This after starting at 18th. Am glad both Red Bull drivers scored points, this bodes well for the season. As for the dominance of Ferrari it’s too early to tell. I think I will try to catch the Sepang leg. Go team Red Bull!

Reading: My Life - Bill Clinton
Listening to: Hot Fuss - the Killers


Blogger binx said...

hey buddy,

you don't need a PDA.. what you need is to get organised.. hahaha.. better yet, get urself a wifey (eh but make sure she's ok with me tau..) *winks*

so how was the dinner? did u charm any girl with the baju batik of yours?

sepang gp is gonna be an interesting one.. am dissapointed that i can't get my hands on any tickets.. will just have to root for my abg toya from home.. *lol*

1:44 p.m.  
Anonymous teek said...

love it when there's not schumi doing his 'victory jump' on the podium!

Did u realised Barichello got that "hah! i'm on the podium, but not you Michael. MWAHAHAHAHA" look?

3:53 p.m.  
Blogger bulletwithbutterflywings said...

Binx..u know very well by now that being organised ain't 1 of my virtues... as for the wife, like I said in YM *winks*... ah my electric blue batik magnetised a few of the ladies lah but no major digital cam, still using old fashion film rolls so no uploads.. buat apa nak pegi circuit..panas..layan kat TV lagi best

teek: rubens always trying to get the better of schumy so he must be 'avin a laugh..

9:42 p.m.  
Blogger binx said...

woi.... update update...

here's one reason y u should update... am passing u "the stick" that has been going around the blogsphere..


5:07 p.m.  

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