Sunday, February 20, 2005

Super Sunday

It’s Sunday morning! And for the 1st time in 4 weeks I have two days to look forward to without any thoughts on work!!!

I guess all the waking hours of Wednesday night was well worth it. Was one of the toughest weeks in my short career so far and thank God managed to pull it off. DQ hinted something of a contract extension so things look promising for June/October…

But enough of that…its all about today...Jimmy Hill on the telly, Blowers Daughter in my ears, coffee in hand…such bliss… and to make it so much better is the anticipation of the 1st of the triple crown coming up at 4…followed by Barca on Wednesday and Liverpool on Sunday.

This is something I mentioned on the ‘lost post’ Friday evening but in expectation of the afternoon what the heck I’ll do it again.

I think with the injuries/suspensions Jose will give priority to the Barca and Pool game. My I deal lineup (which I shared Jose last night :P) is Cudiccini ‘cause he just deserves to play, Johnson who needs to grow, Carvalho as JT is suspended anyway, I just wonder how we’ll cope without him for the 1st time, Gallas who else is there as Huth is still not fit, Bridge who needs the game to build up form for the season run in and after all the shenanigans involving Ashley Cole, Jarosik as Mack needs his rest to chase after Deco, Ronaldinho & Co as Jenas doesn’t require much supervision, Lamps to start well and since there’s no JT, Geremi who deserves a run out and after not being allowed to move in January, Duffer to whip in the crosses, Kezman as we desperately need a consistent striker and could only hope he finds his form and the only way of doing it is by letting him play, and finally Cole who still hasn’t measured up to expectations. And by the hour mark Morais, Tiago and Eidur should come in for Gallas, Lamps and Duffer to keep them fresh for Wednesday, reverting to the diamond so reliable early in the season. Joe would appreciate playing behind a front two and hopefully will weave some magic.

I’d prefer an outright win or lost but definitely not a draw as the fixture is already congested as it is. And despite all the shite of quadruples in the air the ideal number of trophies this season would be two…the League without a doubt and then maybe the League Cup…imagine winning 4 in his 1st season, how hungry do you think Jose and the players would be come August? And as a fan there won’t be a sense of anticipation either…a gradual buildup would be much better, culminating in the quadruple 2-3 seasons from now, with the likes of Addu, Ronaldinho and Gerard in the team…

As for now I’d settle for Kezman getting a brace so that at least whatever my results turn out to be tomorrow I’d be half happy…time to squeeze in Oceans 12 and a trip to the airport before the game..


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