Monday, February 21, 2005

Painfully close

Am glad I took the day off… knew there would be a glitch in the results but not this bad.. passing three out of four papers with full individual concentration on each subject is pretty good, either for my standards or any ACCA candidate.. but the reality that two of them made no difference as all three final papers needs to be repeated again is just plain p*** m****ing infuriating!! And the fact that managed to get a high 60 for ACR made it worse…

Am beside myself with grief…and rage… and resentment… just 6 more marks would’ve saved me E800, Stg180, and 3 and a half months worth of anguish…

Need to pull myself together quickly to be on track for June as this needs to be sorted by hook or crook!! And need all the support I can get to keep my heart keen and my mind clear…


Blogger binx said...

hey buddy... u can always cry on my shoulders.. :)

anyway, let's motivate each other to concentrate this sitting k.. i knew i kinda introduced u to the blogging world during those crucial moments last time around.. sorry mate.. but didn't regret it though *winks*

5:34 a.m.  

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