Thursday, May 12, 2005

I Am Humbled

Finally received some great news today... someone in the examinations department of ACCA Glasgow had finally accepted my appeal and allowed me to sit for the June exams... alhamdulillah, praise to God! The funny thing was, after relentless emails, letters and faxes, the positive reply came in an email, after which I immediately made payment of the fees through the website, before coming home to open 2 letters, both from the ACCA as well, both REJECTING my appeals. How screwed up was their system?! To be frank I just don't care, as long as I get to sit for my exams... now comes the 'easier' part.. to pass them... wish me luck... better still, include me in your prayers... 'cause I'll need them... for all of you that had shared my grief and lit a candle by my side during the turmoil of the last month, I thank you.. you know who you are and you know you hold a special place in my heart...
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