Sunday, September 11, 2005


KL is a really cool place to be… either if you’re pretty successful or you’re on your annual trip home with Euro-denominated plastic to burn. I’d love to come home and make it big because that’s where the sense of achievement is. Bang Per reminded me that he went through what I’m facing now a long time ago and it didn’t really matter to people at home what you’ve achieved abroad, its what you can deliver when you do come back that counts. Now he’s a London-trained-CA CFO so I guess that must be true. But I keep asking myself this: is that what I really want? Is that the best route for me?

For now what I know is that I’ve been tinted. Like a souped-up Satria with its chassis barely holding on to a 1.6 Mivec bought from a junkyard in Kajang, the truly cool finish to it would be a top-notch V-Kool job. I’ve found my V-Kool and yes my life is almost complete. There are some finishing touches required but all the essential ingredients are there. That’s why the next few months are so critical so as not to botch things up as I don’t think I could easily recover from further severe setbacks. I can only plan and try very hard all everything else I leave to God.


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