Monday, December 20, 2004

well waddaya know...

after much procrastination (which has always been associated with one’s self), the blog has finally come to life…much thanks to binx who got me hooked to this wonderful world of, escapism if you like, albeit at the most stressful and pressing of times…it was not so long in the distant past (two weeks ago in fact) that there I was at home, on leave from work with much laboured-for overtime, with exams coming up…and mind you this was no run of the mill exams, this was my finals, the keys to my future, my life! while taking a break one day, YMing with binx came a request -
binx: eh, gimme a suggestion for the name of my blog!
me: what lah, blog?
great question, wrong bloody time…always up for challenges of the mind and not wanting to disappoint a friend, one came up with a masterstroke through careful and intelligent probing…just a single suggestion reared success and much glee from my grateful friend…one’s heart is always warmed by any spread of joy…but what of this blogging business? hence one was introduced to a world of story telling, with such luminous characters, interesting anecdotes, searching questions…thank you friends for an insight into your lives…
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